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Your Dressmaker has all the pieces you need for your next historic look, and for many men, a pair of period appropriate pants is an essential component. Shop our vast selection of historic pants, where we include everything from medieval peasant pants to Renaissance breeches fit for a lord. All our historic leg apparel is handmade by expert tailors with unmatched craftsmanship to bring you the most authentic additions to your medieval outfit. Our medieval pants can even be tailored for your ideal fit. Browse through the many eras and styles represented here, including Renaissance pants inspired by various royalty and historic reenactment pants in the fashions of different European cultures, not to mention our basic styles, like our peasant pants, that are must-have additions to any reenactors wardrobe. We use the highest quality materials to bring you our historic pants, so here you will find velvet pants and satin breeches for Renaissance nobility as well as sturdy woven cotton pants in a multitude of styles, sure to pair well with virtually any medieval outfit. When it comes to preparing an outfit for your next historic reenactment event, medieval LARP, Renaissance festival, or theatrical production, look to Your Dressmaker for all your mens medieval pants needs.
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Adventurer Pants

Item # MCI-505
Comfortable, stylish, and classic in their appeal with just enough detail, the Adventurer Pants are an essential addition to reenactment wardrobes. Do not forget this important piece of clothing when embarking on your next quest!

Buccaneer Pants

Item # MCI-286
The Buccaneer Pants are an extremely well-crafted pair of pirate pants that any sea-bound swashbuckler would be eager to own and wear. Not only are these pants extremely well-made but they are also handcrafted from quality fabric.

Corsair Pants

Item # MCI-287
The Corsair Pants are a simple and functional pair of pirate pants that are made from woven cotton. These authentic, medieval-styled pants are all about function, and what they lack in decoration, they make up for in other areas.

Courtly Breeches

Item # MCI-308
Tailored from high-quality velvet fabric, the Courtly Breeches are calf-length breeches that can be used to build a wide variety of outfits that are either historically accurate or completely fictional, as well as extremely stylish.

European Styled Pants

Item # MCI-288
The European Styled Pants are handcrafted from 100% cotton. Not only that, but these medieval-styled pants also quite colorful. These striped pants are available in a wide variety of vivid colors.

French Baron Breeches

Item # MCI-282
These French Baron Breeches are an essential part of virtually any European Renaissance outfit. These fitted breeches are made from luxurious taffeta and, when paired with the proper shirt, help to create an authentic and stylish look.

Italian Renaissance Breeches

Item # MCI-283
The Italian Renaissance Breeches derive much of their appeal not just from their simple striped appearance, but also from the quality of the materials they are made from. The velvet and satin makes these breeches quite appealing.

King Henry Royal Pants

Item # MCI-361
These King Henry Royal Pants are a great way to bring something regal and bright into your look, as well as a comfortable pair of pants to wear. That makes them a stellar addition to your wardrobe, to draw on as often as you like!

Light Brown Corsair Pants

Item # YDM-CL-00033
This item is available in limited quantities. It is available at this discounted price in only the color and sizing described here.
$70.00 $48.00

Medieval Suede Trousers

Item # MCI-321
The Medieval Suede Trousers are a simple but effective pair of medieval pants that are as versatile as they are handsome. These pants have such a universal style that they mesh cohesively with almost any medieval or renaissance look.

Men's Basic Medieval Pants

Item # MCI-290
These simple pants could not have a more apt name then the Men's Basic Medieval Pants. These pants feature something of a universal style, as they can be seamlessly used in virtually every form of medieval and renaissance style.

Mens Crushed Velvet Dress Pants

Item # MCI-387
Luxurious and shimmering, the Mens Crushed Velvet Pants are a fantastic choice for regal reenactment looks. These authentically inspired pants feature golden trim along a traditional front flap closure and down the sides of each leg.