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From practical medieval jackets to elegant and regal noblemens jackets, explore our range of mens historic jackets here at Your Dressmaker. Each of our medieval outerwear options bears an authentic style that has been expertly crafted by talented tailors. These important outer garments are essential in crafting a complete ensemble, so dont let your medieval outfit miss out at your next Renaissance faire, historic reenactment, or LARP event. Many of these stunning period jackets also make great additions to costumes for stage productions. With high quality workmanship evident in every detail, our selection of Renaissance jackets can be custom made to suit your unique size. We carry historic jackets from a variety of eras and in a plethora of styles, including the baroque jackets of Renaissance royalty and Victorian frock coats as well as essential natural cotton jackets worn by peasantry. Shop our different style and fabric options, such as our open front jackets, brocade jackets, short jackets, medieval coats, Victorian tailcoats, and other fitted historic outerwear. Our reenactment jackets are crafted from the highest quality materials, available in a plethora of colors ranging from neutral and authentic to elegantly patterned, and even our most essential pieces display beautiful attention to detail for an unmatched look no matter the nature of your historic character.
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Imperial Baroque Jacket

Item # MCI-256
The Baroque Imperial Jacket is an elaborate and attractive jacket that best emulates the high style and fashion of nobility and royalty. This jacket is made from quality materials and is a beautifully decorated symbol of status.

King's Renaissance Jacket

Item # MCI-258
It is traditional that a lord should have the most elegant garments of his subjects. If you are wearing the King's Renaissance Jacket, then you are dressed in kingly regalia, because it is hard to find a jacket that is more stylish.

Medieval French Jacket

Item # MCI-301
The Medieval French Jacket is an authentic looking medieval-styled garment that is well-suited for real-world use. This attractive garment is made from strong, quality materials that allow it to stand up to rigorous use.

Mens Crushed Velvet Dress Coat

Item # MCI-406
The Mens Crushed Velvet Dress Coat is a stunning take on Victorian fashion. Incredibly regal to behold, this reenactment coat is made from a shimmery velvet with brocade on its lapel and sleeve cuffs. Golden lace decorates each edge.

Men's English Houppelande

Item # MCI-317
This stunning garment has an extravagance that is fit for a king. The Men's English Houppelande is styled after the houppelande of the 15th and 16th centuries, this style of garment was favored by Henry VIII of England, of the Tudor Dynasty.

Mens Ornate Renaissance Jacket

Item # MCI-407
Combining the refined and lavish look of high quality velvet fabrics with the elegance of richly patterned brocade, the Mens Ornate Renaissance Jacket is an extravagant reenactment jacket modeled after authentic Renaissance styles.

Mens Victorian Dress Coat

Item # MCI-356
A good, old-fashioned tailcoat might be just what you need to make your look work. This Mens Victorian Dress Coat is just that, with an added touch of style that will add some pizazz to your look, whether it is contemporary or historic.

Nobleman's Jacket

Item # MCI-307
A nobleman should always look his best, and so long as he is dressed in the Nobleman's Jacket, he will. This attractive jacket is made in a classic renaissance style, and is hand-crafted from high-quality, rich antique velvet fabric.

Noble's Suede Coat

Item # MCI-309
Do not sit around lamenting the colder seasons for preventing you from wearing medieval and renaissance styles. Don the Noble's Suede Coat to your wardrobe and beat those lower temperatures and harsher conditions with style and panache.

Open Front Baroque Jacket

Item # MCI-408
With golden colored lace trim along its collar, hem, lapel, shoulders, and cuffs, the Open Front Baroque Jacket is an example of refined Renaissance grace. This period jacket is made from antique velvet and fully lined for comfort.

Regal Pirate Jacket

Item # MCI-639
Command your crew in undisputed style when you wear the Regal Pirate Jacket. This royal velvet mens coat has gold trim accenting throughout, from the edges of its collar and down the open front to the wide, buttoned sleeve cuffs.

The Baron's Frock

Item # MCI-254
The Baron's Frock is a collarless mens tunic-styled frock that is designed in the fashion of baroque-era aristocracy. The garment is an exceedingly stylish jacket that looks perfect when combined with any other regal or noble looks.