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No buccaneer should sail the Seven Seas without a trusty hat to brave the harsh elements. Nor should a noblewoman of the Renaissance permit the sun to damage her fair skin. A wide brimmed hat with appropriately themed accents will meet the task. Whether you choose to be a member of the royal court, or a humble peasant from a medieval village, you need headgear to complete your period costume. At Your Dressmaker, we offer a fine selection of handmade hats inspired by the Medieval, Renaissance, and Scottish eras. Our specially designed hats are craft from high quality materials and beautiful fabrics. Lace, ostrich feathers, and other ornate accents decorate our Renaissance headwear. We offer fabric variations for many of our handmade items, creating a perfect match for our customized dresses. We also offer crowns, hats, veils, masks, and hoods from other historical eras, assisting in the portrayal of Roman centurions, Viking raiders, and Civil War soldiers. We at Your Dressmaker offer hats inspired by historical icons such as Marie Antoinette and King Henry VIII. We carry Scottish tartan caps to complete traditional highland dress. Whatever historical persona you choose to take, our period headwear will assist in the fulfillment of your role.

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Antique Velvet Hat

Item # MCI-392
The Antique Velvet Hat is made out of a remarkable fabric that showcases the soft and smooth texture of velvet without its typical reflective sheen, resulting in a lavish yet refined look fit for a Renaissance or Victorian noblewoman.

Antoinette Renaissance Hat

Item # MCI-324
The Antoinette Renaissance Hat is a pretty, baroque-styled ladies hat that is made from elegant, ornamented fabric. It is available in a variety of colors and features a sewn-in wire so the shape can be adjusted.

Boys Renaissance Hat

Item # MCI-425
Even children can get in on the fun of historic reenactment. The Boys Renaissance Hat, made of high quality antique velvet and beautifully patterned brocade, is ideal for helping your child get the look of a regal young lord.

Feathered Floppy Renaissance Hat

Item # MCI-369
Sometimes, it is the feather that makes all the difference in a hat. Luckily, this Feathered Floppy Renaissance Hat is not without a feather accent, nor is it lacking in great designs, including a unique look and a quality material.

Floppy Renaissance Hat

Item # MCI-368
Usually, when you think of a renaissance hat, you traditionally think of a ladies hat. Gentlemen can have a great renaissance hat too, in the form of this Floppy Renaissance Hat, which goes great with all manner of historic looks.

Gothic Style Hood

Item # MCI-152
Our Gothic Style Hood is a great addition to any outfit and is for both men and women. This is a full cut hood and also has an oval mantle which completely covers the shoulders. The Gothic Style Hood is made of medium weight cotton.

King Henry Hat

Item # MCI-396
No king is truly dressed without the proper headwear, and the King Henry Hat embodies the regal style of historic nobility with its expertly handmade, authentic-inspired style and its golden colored brocade fabric construction.

Ladies Crushed Velvet French Hood

Item # MCI-555-1
The Ladies Crushed Velvet French Hood adds a touch of finery to noble outfits. Made of lustrous, shiny velvet and beautifully embellished with gold trim and white faux pearls, this Tudor French hood comes in a variety of colors.

Ladies Royal Velvet French Hood

Item # MCI-555
Accent your next outfit with the finery of French nobility when you wear the Ladies Royal Velvet French Hood. Made of soft, plush velvet and accented with gold trim and faux pearls, this decadent headpiece brings luxury to any look.

Marie Antoinette Hat

Item # MCI-394
Inspired by the extravagant styles of Renaissance era Baroque fashion, the Marie Antoinette Hat is a delicate womens headpiece handmade from rose gold brocade fabric and decorated with elegant ruffles and a large ostrich feather.

Medieval Bonnet

Item # MCI-579
The Medieval Bonnet is the perfect accessory for a great variety of historical looks. Made of a natural, medium weight cotton, this womens medieval hat is available in a variety of colors to suit your style and match your outfit.

Medieval Hood With Mantle

Item # MCI-153
Our Medieval Hood With Mantle is a great addition to any outfit for both men and women. This is a full cut hood and also has an oval mantle which covers the shoulders. The Medieval Hood With Mantle is made of medium weight cotton.