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No buccaneer should sail the Seven Seas without a trusty hat to brave the harsh elements. Nor should a noblewoman of the Renaissance permit the sun to damage her fair skin. A wide brimmed hat with appropriately themed accents will meet the task. Whether you choose to be a member of the royal court, or a humble peasant from a medieval village, you need headgear to complete your period costume. At Your Dressmaker, we offer a fine selection of handmade hats inspired by the Medieval, Renaissance, and Scottish eras. Our specially designed hats are craft from high quality materials and beautiful fabrics. Lace, ostrich feathers, and other ornate accents decorate our Renaissance headwear. We offer fabric variations for many of our handmade items, creating a perfect match for our customized dresses. We also offer crowns, hats, veils, masks, and hoods from other historical eras, assisting in the portrayal of Roman centurions, Viking raiders, and Civil War soldiers. We at Your Dressmaker offer hats inspired by historical icons such as Marie Antoinette and King Henry VIII. We carry Scottish tartan caps to complete traditional highland dress. Whatever historical persona you choose to take, our period headwear will assist in the fulfillment of your role.

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Mens Crushed Velvet Tudor Hat

Item # MCI-411
Incredibly regal with a soft feel and majestic luster, the Mens Crushed Velvet Tudor Hat is an outstanding take on Tudor fashion. Fit for sophisticated historic looks, this hat features faux fur trim and an ostrich feather decoration.

Mens Medieval Floppy Hat

Item # MCI-400
Add a stylish embellishment to your medieval or Renaissance reenactment outfit with the Mens Medieval Floppy Hat, made of 100% cotton and available in a wide assortment of colors and distinct color combinations.

Mens Ornate Renaissance Hat

Item # MCI-397
Made from panels of antique velvet and elegant, floral patterned brocade, the Mens Ornate Renaissance Hat is the hat for a refined Renaissance nobleman. This historic-inspired hat displays a wide brim with a slightly puffed crown.

Mens Renaissance Hat

Item # MCI-399
The Mens Renaissance Hat combines antique velvet and patterned brocade in an authentic-inspired design well suited for the stylings of historic nobility. An ostrich feather decorates this handmade Renaissance reenactment hat.

Mens Royal Tudor Hat

Item # MCI-395
Impressive and regal, the Mens Royal Tudor Hat is handmade of high quality floral brocade fabric patterned with shimmering thread for a look that is both extravagant and elegant, suitable for characters of nobility or royalty.

Monique Renaissance Hat

Item # MCI-365
A stylish hat can sometimes be the saving grace to an outfit, just as it can also be the accent that brings everything together in a great way. This Monique Renaissance Hat is just such an accent, one inspired by stunning and rich renaissance era design.

Renaissance Muffin Hat

Item # MCI-562
A medieval lady requires some headwear that matches her ensemble. For a unique, yet historical aesthetic, look at the Renaissance Muffin Hat. This head piece looks fantastic at Renaissance faires, roleplaying events, and conventions.

Reversible Medieval Robin Hat

Item # MCI-586
The Reversible Medieval Robin Hat is the perfect topper for a multitude of medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy looks. Made of a soft suede texture fabric, this pointed medieval cap comes in a variety of colors to match your outfit.

Scottish Tartan Cap

Item # MCI-366
If you are planning on adding a cap to your Scottish or Gaelic attire, there is one hat that can do so with ease. This Scottish Tartan Cap is based on the soft Scottish bonnet and perfectly complements traditional highland attire.

Velvet Floppy Hat with Pearls

Item # MCI-592
A lord or lady of wealth during the Renaissance would not have gone without headwear. They would wear items like this Velvet Floppy Hat with Pearls. This hat is great for many occasions, including faires and roleplaying events.

Victorian Lace Jabot and Wristcuffs

Item # MCI-764
A variety of characters require that perfect finishing touch to complete their outfits. Be sure to check out the Victorian Lace Jabot and Wristcuffs. Wear this accessory for a LARP event, cosplay convention, or theatrical production.

Victorian Summer Hat

Item # MCI-391
Worn for days spent outdoors in warm weather, the wide brim of the Victorian Summer Hat is great for guarding yourself against the bright heat of the sun. This white sun hat features a colorful ribbon band for a feminine look.