All of our clothes can be individually tailored to your size.

Medieval Wedding Attire

While planning the period wedding of your dreams, do not forget to scope out the beautiful wedding and handfasting apparel offered at Your Dressmaker. Our handmade clothing caters to a wide variety of historical themes such as renaissance, medieval, Victorian, Celtic, Scottish, and even gothic and steampunk genres. For brides enamored with the Renaissance, we offer elegant gowns with beautiful handstitched accents. For the medieval maiden and her handmaids, we offer dresses and cloaks that are both authentic and unique. Country dresses, hooded gowns, and medieval chemises are among the lovely options for bridesmaids. For the noble groom and his loyal attendants, we create medieval tunics, shirts, jackets, cloaks, and more with options in colors, fabrics, and styles. If you wish to perform your vows by following an ancient ceremony, we have ritual robes and hooded capes that will add a mystical touch to a cherished moment. For the Scottish lad and lass who wish to celebrate their heritage, we offer kilts and tartan gowns. At Your Dressmaker, we wish for your period wedding to be full of pleasant memories and historical moments. Entrust our skilled team of tailors with crafting wedding apparel worthy of this special day.

Wedding Dresses

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At Your Dressmaker, we understand the careful planning and the excitement involved in the creation of a period wedding, which is why we place an emphasis on quality and style in each of our designs. Whether you wish to join with your beloved under a medieval banner, or exchange your vows at a Celtic handfasting, we have beautiful gowns catered to match your chosen theme. For the fair lady of the Renaissance age, we offer elaborate gowns with wide skirts. For the bride who feels more at home in a medieval village, we feature an assortment of country and maiden dresses. Perhaps you wish to create a mystical atmosphere. Our ritual robes will add a magical touch to the setting. If you wish for a wedding that celebrates Scottish traditions, tartan dresses are among our unique, yet authentic, designs. Maybe you prefer other genres such as steampunk and gothic, we possess gowns, capes, and dresses fitting for these themes. As you browse through our selection of historical bridal apparel, take note of the high quality and customization we offer. Whether you prefer a cloak made from luxurious velvet or a fur-trimmed hooded dress, we feature these designs and more. Our skilled team of tailors will assist in the celebration of your joyful union by crafting the bridal gown of your dreams.


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Whether you seek to present a dashing figure to your bride-to-be, or wish to celebrate the joyful union of a friend or family member, Your Dressmaker offers a great variety of wedding and handfasting apparel for men. Whether you need period clothing for a themed wedding from the medieval, renaissance, Celtic, or Scottish traditions, our in-house tailors are worthy of the task. Our unique designs cater to a variety of historical periods and genres including steampunk and gothic. Whether you need a tunic for the role of medieval knight, or a buccaneer shirt for a ceremony upon the Seven Seas, Your Dressmaker offers these items and more. Perhaps you wish to portray the royal leader of a medieval kingdom. We create cloaks made of high quality materials such as velour, satin, and cotton fabrics. Customize your look with the choices in fabric, color, styles, and other extra features that we provide. Whatever theme is chosen for this monumental occasion, Your Dressmaker can provide you with the period clothing necessary to fulfill you role. Be you the groom, or a loyal attendant, you will be impressed by the quality and authentic style of our designs. Our good wishes go with you as you partake in a joyous wedding celebration.

Bridesmaid Dresses

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For the handmaidens honored with the task of accompanying a medieval bride down the aisle, Your Dressmaker offers a unique, yet authentic, selection of historical gowns, robes, chemises, hooded cloaks, and more. Whether the bride and groom chooses a theme from the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, the Victorian Era, and so forth, our skilled tailors will craft a bridesmaid dress suitable for your role. If you need a ritual robe to perform an ancient Celtic ceremony, or a tartan gown that celebrates Scottish tradition, we are certain you will discover something amidst our unique designs. Perhaps you seek a lovely gown to attend a Renaissance bride. Maybe you need a wide sleeve chemise to match a medieval atmosphere. On the other hand, you could add a touch of mystery to your role by donning a hooded dress. Whatever theme is chosen for this momentous occasion, our handmade garments will ensure you are successful in performing your duties in support of the union between you dear friends. We not only offer an amazing assortment of styles, but also allow you to choose between colors, fabrics, and other extra features. So, take a closer look at all the lovely bridesmaid dresses available at Your Dressmaker.

Ring Bearer Outfits

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For the young page tasked with the duty to carry the rings of the bride and groom, Your Dressmaker possesses a fine selection of wedding and handfasting attire. Whether the honored couple seeks to create a medieval or renaissance atmosphere, we have period garments that will assist a ring bearer in the performance of his important role. If an ancient ceremony is to be reenacted, the young attendant may wish to browse our selection of ritual robes and hooded capes. Perhaps the bride and groom prefer a royal wedding with medieval knights in attendance. The young page may don one of our fashionable tunics. We present a wide assortment of unique designs catered to such historical themes as medieval, renaissance, Victorian, Celtic, and so forth. For a Scottish wedding, we create kilts and sashes with options in tartan fabrics. We even feature items inspired by gothic and steampunk genres. While we have created a wonderful selection of styles in boys clothing, our team of tailors can take an adult pattern and create the perfect outfit for your young page. At Your Dressmaker, we wish to support the honorable ring bearer in his duties by providing him with the proper attire for a historical wedding.