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Bags and Pouches

If you seek a good pouch or two to store your Neo-Victorian potions, or a historically themed handbag to conceal modern gadgets such as cellphones and keys, Your Dressmaker offers a great selection of the said accessories. Belt pouches prove a great place to store ammo during a Civil War reenactment, while a pompadour handbag matches well with Renaissance dress. Add to the authenticity of your costume during a LARP or SCA event by storing coins and other personal items in a medieval pouch. At Your Dressmaker, every shoulder bag, belt pouch, and handbag is handmade from high quality leather. Our cowhide leather items come in black and brown shades, while suede leather accessories offer even more color options, allowing you to customize your look even further. Beautiful handstitched medieval patterns, faux fur trim, and brass and nickel rivets accent many of our shoulder bags, belt pouches, and handbags. Our fine assortment of bags and pouches fit perfect with a wide variety of eras and costumes such as medieval, pirate, gothic, Victorian, Viking, and Roman. Whether you choose to participate in a steampunk themed theatrical performance, or mingle with the joyous crowd at a Renaissance faire, Your Dressmaker carries bags and pouches that will prove useful in the completion of your role.

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Baroque Renaissance Handbag

Item # MCI-377
When elegantly dressed for your next big event, not just any bag will do. The Baroque Renaissance Handbag is a beautifully handmade taffeta pouch with ruffle trim at its top and bottom edges.

Leather Belt Bag

Item # MCI-370
Hitting your local ren fair is a great chance to leave behind most of the modern world for a short time. Thanks to this Leather Belt Bag, you will not actually have to leave behind all those modern amenities that you need, though!

Leather Shoulder Bag

Item # MCI-373
A good carrying bag is something you should never be without when you hit the renaissance fair. This Leather Shoulder Bag is just that, allowing you to easily shoulder your burdens, while carrying along all of other items you might need.

Leather Shoulder Bag

Item # MCI-375
Keep your essentials by your side at your historic reenactment events, LARP gatherings, or everyday travels with our Leather Shoulder Bag. Handmade from natural cowhide leather, this stylish bag features a fold over lid design.

Norse Fur Trimmed Bag

Item # MCI-320
If there is a drawback to medieval clothing, it is their lack of storage space. If you are going to be dressing in medieval fashion and do not want to leave your amenities behind, consider using the Norse Fur Trimmed Bag.

Small Nordic Bag

Item # MCI-332
This Small Nordic Bag is hand-crafted from quality leather and fastens using an attractive little wooden button. It features a simple and elegant belt loop, which accommodates most average 2-inch width belts with relative ease.

Suede Belt Pouch

Item # MCI-376
Made out of a lightweight leather, the Suede Belt Pouch keeps your reenactment essentials secure with its drawstring closure. The handmade construction features a wide loop on the back of the bag, making it easy to wear on most belts.

Tall Leather Shoulder Bag

Item # MCI-374
If you are headed to the fair, you had better have some extra carrying capacity to bring along. If you feel like you might need a little help carting away all your items, then you might want to consider this Tall Leather Shoulder Bag.

Velvet Drawstring Pouch

Item # MCI-568
With the number of things we take with us from point A to point B, it is sometimes a wonder we can keep track of everything. Our Velvet Drawstring Pouch is perfect for carrying your belongings in style! These high-quality velvet pouches come in many colors.