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At Your Dressmaker, many of our medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Victorian clothing options are trimmed with lace. Here you can order a swatch of the lace we use to get an in-person impression as to the look and feel of the material. We embellish gowns, blouses, and shirts with ruffled lace and floral lace, and we also offer bags, hats, and other accessories with lace trim. Be sure you are ordering the historical clothing item that best works for you by first ordering a swatch of our lace trim.

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Lace No 1 Swatch - White (01)

Item # MCI-SW0182
Would you like to see the fabric before you order a garment made with it? Swatches are available for all of our fabrics so you can be sure that it is the perfect color and is exactly what you are wanting.