All of our clothes can be individually tailored to your size.

Arm Bracers and Cuffs

Add that final touch to your costume by adding a pair of arm bracers or wrist cuffs to your forearms. Step more fully into the role of medieval warrior, or complete the look of a Viking raider by adding appropriately themed accessories. At Your Dressmaker, each of our bracers and wrist cuffs are handmade from cowhide leather in shades of dark brown and black. Brass and nickel rivets decorate many of our pieces. Hand stitching reinforces the structure and seams of the arm guards. When designing our forearm armor, we often use leather lacing to provide closure, allowing the wearer to adjust according to comfort and fit. With our fine selection of arm bracers and cuffs, you can fulfill a multitude of roles from various eras. Take on the guise of an ancient barbarian or serve as protector to a neo-Victorian inventor. Join your fellow Roman soldiers in a historical reenactment, or demonstrate your skill as a medieval knight at the next festival. Whatever task or opportunity comes your way, our bracers will assist in creating the proper appearance. The customization and versatility we offer at Your Dressmaker adds to the enjoyment of creating your own unique character. We are confident that you will be impressed by the high quality and careful design put into each of our bracers and cuffs.