All of our clothes can be individually tailored to your size.

Mens Medieval Clothing

For a vast selection of mens medieval clothing, handmade by talented expert tailors for an authentic and highly detailed appearance, choose Your Dressmaker. Here you will find a range of historic reenactment garments perfect for achieving your ideal period look, and many of our items can be custom made for your best fit. Get all your historic outfit essentials here, such as crusader capes, noblemens cloaks, medieval shirts, Renaissance breeches, and medieval peasant pants, as well as medieval tunics, jackets, doublets, Celtic ritual robes, baroque vests, and even authentically styled Highlander kilts. But our wares here at Your Dressmaker are far more than just the basics. Our medieval clothing items range from outfit staples to stand out pieces sure to set you apart at your next event or add personality to any look. Many of our items are brimming with unique and stylish details in their designs and trim while still adhering to the aesthetics of ages past. So whether you are getting dressed for a LARP event, historic reenactment, costume party, or theatrical production, Your Dressmaker has the medieval garb for your needs. From crusading knights to kings, nobles, peasants, pirates, and even Vikings, any character can find an expertly crafted and stunningly detailed ensemble here. Our medieval clothing items are made out of a wide variety of beautiful, high quality fabrics, ensuring you will be best dressed at your next historic reenactment event.

Capes and Cloaks

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Your Dressmaker provides you with the utmost quality in mens medieval capes and cloaks. Our handmade historic clothing is crafted by talented tailors out of the finest materials. Drape one of our medieval cloaks over your shoulders, and watch your reenactment outfit transform into a full ensemble. Shop our medieval outerwear staples for much needed protection from the elements, or step into the role of a medieval nobleman with one of our magnificently detailed fur trimmed cloaks. Crafted with utmost care, our historic cloaks can be individually tailored to your size. Unique details will help bring individuality to your look, and our durable medieval overgarments will serve you well through adverse conditions as well as the passage of time. From shoulder capes to layered, leather trimmed cloaks, we carry something for every historic character, including practical cotton cloaks for peasant characters, Crusader cloaks for holy knights, stylish and sturdy capes for travelers, and hand embroidered robes fit for nobility. We even carry stunning and regal Renaissance cloaks fit for nobility. Choose from any of our wide variety of historic cloaks and capes ideal for obtaining the most authentic look for your next Renaissance festival, historic reenactment, LARP event, or theatrical production.


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Handmade by expert tailors, Your Dressmaker offers you high quality medieval doublets for your historic reenactment needs. Throughout the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, doublets varied in style and fit, but this historic staple draws its origins from the protective gambeson. Doublets were fitted jackets worn for shape, protection, warmth, and style. Here you will find practical, everyday doublets essential for achieving an authentic medieval look. The beauty of our craftsmanship shines through in our Renaissance era doublets, made from utterly stunning materials like elegant brocade and handcrafted with incredible attention to detail. These baroque doublets are essential in achieving the aura of a true Renaissance nobleman. Regal details inspired by famous royalty and courtly looks are featured prominently in our historic doublets. Every doublet in our selection is designed with care for a remarkable and authentic appearance and can be custom tailored to your unique size. These fitted jacket style garments were longstanding staples through much of history, so no period look should go without one of our finely crafted pieces. Choose from our wide variety of handmade doublets, ideal for wearing to your next Renaissance festival, historic reenactment, LARP event, or as part of a stage costume.


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From practical medieval jackets to elegant and regal noblemens jackets, explore our range of mens historic jackets here at Your Dressmaker. Each of our medieval outerwear options bears an authentic style that has been expertly crafted by talented tailors. These important outer garments are essential in crafting a complete ensemble, so dont let your medieval outfit miss out at your next Renaissance faire, historic reenactment, or LARP event. Many of these stunning period jackets also make great additions to costumes for stage productions. With high quality workmanship evident in every detail, our selection of Renaissance jackets can be custom made to suit your unique size. We carry historic jackets from a variety of eras and in a plethora of styles, including the baroque jackets of Renaissance royalty and Victorian frock coats as well as essential natural cotton jackets worn by peasantry. Shop our different style and fabric options, such as our open front jackets, brocade jackets, short jackets, medieval coats, Victorian tailcoats, and other fitted historic outerwear. Our reenactment jackets are crafted from the highest quality materials, available in a plethora of colors ranging from neutral and authentic to elegantly patterned, and even our most essential pieces display beautiful attention to detail for an unmatched look no matter the nature of your historic character.


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Honor Scottish tradition with the selection of mens kilts from Your Dressmaker. Those looking to dress as an authentic Scottish Highlander will find our high quality and expertly crafted kilts made with attention to authentic traditions and detail. This classic clothing piece often features tartan or plaid patterns and pleats, and our kilts at Your Dressmaker combine these important details with modern comfort for an easy to wear yet historically appropriate look. Traditionally, the tartan pattern of each historic kilt was known to identify its wearer as a member of a particular Scottish clan. Many of our Scottish kilts are made from cotton and polyester blend fabrics. Made with attention to traditional style and length, our kilts are handmade and can even be tailored to suit your specific size. Wear any of our finely crafted medieval kilts to your next historic reenactment event, Renaissance festival, as part of a costume for a theatrical production, or for any occasion that calls for traditional Scottish attire. We also carry kilt and scarf sets to help you achieve a well-matched outfit. With the scarf worn over the shoulder as a sash and fastened with a belt, these sets are ideal for creating a comprehensive and authentically styled Scottish look.


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Your Dressmaker has all the pieces you need for your next historic look, and for many men, a pair of period appropriate pants is an essential component. Shop our vast selection of historic pants, where we include everything from medieval peasant pants to Renaissance breeches fit for a lord. All our historic leg apparel is handmade by expert tailors with unmatched craftsmanship to bring you the most authentic additions to your medieval outfit. Our medieval pants can even be tailored for your ideal fit. Browse through the many eras and styles represented here, including Renaissance pants inspired by various royalty and historic reenactment pants in the fashions of different European cultures, not to mention our basic styles, like our peasant pants, that are must-have additions to any reenactors wardrobe. We use the highest quality materials to bring you our historic pants, so here you will find velvet pants and satin breeches for Renaissance nobility as well as sturdy woven cotton pants in a multitude of styles, sure to pair well with virtually any medieval outfit. When it comes to preparing an outfit for your next historic reenactment event, medieval LARP, Renaissance festival, or theatrical production, look to Your Dressmaker for all your mens medieval pants needs.

Ritual Robes

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Whether you are looking to fashion yourself as a medieval priest, scholar, pagan, or mystic, Your Dressmaker carries high quality ritual robes for any occasion. Get dressed for your next secretive ceremony with our selection of Celtic robes, embellished with intricately handcrafted trim, or fall into a mystic mindset when you wear one of our many medieval hooded robes. Each of our historic robes is completely handmade by expert tailors and can be specially tailored to your individual size. Natural woven cotton and soft faux suede make up many of our various stylish robes, so shop here for peasant worthy robes, Crusader robes, wizard robes, and robes for noblemen. Drawing inspiration from history, our Renaissance robes incorporate a sense of mystery into many of their designs, with billowing sleeves, long skirts, and roomy hoods, and layered mantles to help conceal your identity from prying eyes and evoke a certain mystique. Base your next historic outfit around one of our ritual robes, and wear your look to your next historic reenactment, Renaissance festival, or other historic themed event. Our imaginative ritual robes are ideal for helping you transform into someone else or disguising your true identity, and make fantastic additions to medieval and fantasy LARP outfits as well as costumes for theatrical productions.


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With the right shirt, you can achieve a multitude of historic looks. Your Dressmaker offers you a fantastic selection of historic shirts that are expertly handcrafted in authentic styles out of high quality materials. Woven natural cotton makes up most of our peasant shirts, pirate shirts, medieval knight shirts, and other essential shirts that will suit almost any character. Some of our Renaissance shirts are well-suited to nobility and are made out of high quality satin. The perfect start to any outfit, our mens medieval shirts can serve as a base for almost any historic look, whether you prefer to dress as a squire, Crusader, bandit, swordsman, or even a well-to-do Renaissance lord. Choose from high collar shirts, lace up shirts, loose fitting shirts intended to be accentuated with a belt, shirts with billowing sleeves, and more. Many of our mens period shirts make versatile bases for almost any look, from the lowliest serf to a noble knight and beyond. Our shirts can also be specially tailored to fit your size and come in a variety of colors ranging from essential neutrals to the bright colors of medieval heraldry. Wear them to your next Renaissance festival, historic reenactment, or LARP event for a look that will help you fit right into your chosen setting and time period.


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From before the Middle Ages, during, and beyond, tunics have enjoyed popularity across cultures and classes. Your Dressmaker offers you a selection of historic tunics as diverse as their usage throughout history. These historic outfit essentials can be worn by almost any member of medieval society and range in length from anywhere below the hips to above the ankles. We carry long and short sleeve tunics and tunics with collars as varied as any medieval shirt, featuring lace up neck tunics and tunics with hand embroidered details. All of our tunics are expertly handmade and can be tailored to fit your specific size. Their superb craftsmanship and authentic designs are ideal for crafting your own impressive historic look. A natural woven cotton tunic is an essential addition to any reenactors wardrobe and is well-suited for peasant garb. Our soft faux suede tunics in stylish cuts are ideal for members of nobility. The neutral colors of many of our medieval tunics make them easy to wear, while others feature the bold colors of medieval heraldry to help you stand out. Wear our handmade tunics over a pair of medieval pants or hosen and cinched with a belt, and you will have yourself the start of a medieval outfit that you can proudly wear for Renaissance festivals, medieval LARP events, historic reenactments, and even theatrical productions.


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The inherent simplicity of a vest has made this clothing piece a staple in wardrobes throughout history, but Your Dressmaker transforms the vest into a statement piece worthy of any nobleman. Each handmade vest features an incredible level of detail and an expert construction. While we carry a range of vests suited for a variety of historic-inspired outfits, our most ornate vests are even great to wear for modern special occasions. Made out of high quality materials like brocade, satin, cotton twill, and silk, these Renaissance vests are sure to make any outfit stand out and can easily be worn over most of our mens medieval shirts. Whether you are looking for a stylish touch to a Renaissance faire ensemble or you seek to bring Renaissance style into the modern day, our historic vests are as magnificent and high quality as they get. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Some short vests end at and accentuate the waist while others fall past the hips. Our medieval vests can also be tailored to best suit your size. Wear them for your special occasions, medieval LARP events, Renaissance reenactments, or even theatrical productions for an unforgettably splendid look.