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A feather in your cap can mean a variety of things. It can signify great personal glory or even prowess as a hunter. No matter what it means though, a colorful feather in your hat is also a great eye catching accent and a fantastic way to personalize your look. At Your Dressmaker, we offer a selection of fine feathers that are perfect for adding just such an accent to your hats and caps. We only offer 100% real feathers. Most are ostrich feathers that are dyed in a variety of colors, allowing you to add a striking accent to your hat of choice. In bundles, these feathers also make great plumes that you can use as decorations to create intriguing accents that are sure to be memorable. We also carry a handful of other feathers, including peacock tail feathers, which are well known for their color and unique design. Almost any hat can benefit from a feather, and many hats throughout history were adorned with feathers just to enhance their appeal, including musketeer hats, triangular Tyrolean hats, top hats, hunting caps, and more.