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Your Dressmaker has all the pieces you need for your next historic look, and for many men, a pair of period appropriate pants is an essential component. Shop our vast selection of historic pants, where we include everything from medieval peasant pants to Renaissance breeches fit for a lord. All our historic leg apparel is handmade by expert tailors with unmatched craftsmanship to bring you the most authentic additions to your medieval outfit. Our medieval pants can even be tailored for your ideal fit. Browse through the many eras and styles represented here, including Renaissance pants inspired by various royalty and historic reenactment pants in the fashions of different European cultures, not to mention our basic styles, like our peasant pants, that are must-have additions to any reenactors wardrobe. We use the highest quality materials to bring you our historic pants, so here you will find velvet pants and satin breeches for Renaissance nobility as well as sturdy woven cotton pants in a multitude of styles, sure to pair well with virtually any medieval outfit. When it comes to preparing an outfit for your next historic reenactment event, medieval LARP, Renaissance festival, or theatrical production, look to Your Dressmaker for all your mens medieval pants needs.
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Mens Royal Tudor Breeches

Item # MCI-388
Inspired by regal historic style, the Mens Royal Tudor Breeches are ideal for achieving a kingly Renaissance look. Expertly handmade, these historic breeches feature skillfully pleated stripes of ornately patterned brocade fabric.

Mens Velvet Renaissance Pants

Item # MCI-386
Stylish and versatile, the Mens Velvet Renaissance Pants are essential additions to any Renaissance mans wardrobe. Made from antique velvet, these calf-length pants are suitable for a wide variety of historic reenactment looks.

Noblemen's Renaissance Breeches

Item # MCI-291
The Noblemen's Renaissance Breeches are the perfect choice for anyone who wants or needs comfortable yet decorative breeches for a poised, regal look, but does not want to wear something that is too tight or fitted to the leg.

Outlaw Pants

Item # MCI-738
Being a medieval outlaw on the run can be difficult, unless you happen to stop in Sherwood Forest. Wear these Outlaw Pants on your next adventure. This pair of pants is wonderful for many medieval ensembles and fantasy costumes.

Pirate Pants

Item # MCI-285
These Pirate Pants are perfect for any salty dog or swashbuckler who plans to spend nearly all of their time at sea. Hand-crafted from velvet, these pants are some of the best things a pirate could ask for, aside from more treasure.

Red and Ivory Men's Royal Renaissance Set

Item # YDM-CL-00049
This item is available in limited quantities. It is available at this discounted price in only the color and sizing described here.
$115.00 $90.00

Renaissance Breeches

Item # MCI-284
If there is anything the Renaissance Breeches are lacking, it certainly is not style or quality. These breeches have both. In fact, there is not a noble or royal around who would not want to add these breeches into their wardrobe.

Royal Guard Pants

Item # MCI-292
Our Royal Guard Pants are made from fine soft suede fabric and come in a wide variety of colors. The material used in the making of these pants replicates the look and feel of suede leather while eliminating the complicated care procedures.

Rustic Medieval Breeches

Item # MCI-362
For a pair of breeches that will fit into any ensemble, you will need to turn to these Rustic Medieval Breeches. But have no fear, for once you have tried them, you will want to wear them every time, for reasons of style and comfort.

Victorian Trousers

Item # MCI-293
These Victorian Trousers are simple and versatile pair of pants that no medieval or renaissance wardrobe should be without. These pants have such a universal style that they can be reliably used with any look without fault or fail.

Vintage Pants

Item # MCI-360
When it comes to creating almost any look under the sun, black slacks are a must. These Vintage Pants pair perfectly with hundreds, if not thousands of other garments to create styles that can and will work wonders for any time period.

Wanderer Pants

Item # MCI-289
The garb of a wanderer is typically simple, comfortable, and dependable, and usually little else. Those are three words that aptly describe the Wanderer Pants. Made from quality materials, these pants will hold up to use and motion.