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From before the Middle Ages, during, and beyond, tunics have enjoyed popularity across cultures and classes. Your Dressmaker offers you a selection of historic tunics as diverse as their usage throughout history. These historic outfit essentials can be worn by almost any member of medieval society and range in length from anywhere below the hips to above the ankles. We carry long and short sleeve tunics and tunics with collars as varied as any medieval shirt, featuring lace up neck tunics and tunics with hand embroidered details. All of our tunics are expertly handmade and can be tailored to fit your specific size. Their superb craftsmanship and authentic designs are ideal for crafting your own impressive historic look. A natural woven cotton tunic is an essential addition to any reenactors wardrobe and is well-suited for peasant garb. Our soft faux suede tunics in stylish cuts are ideal for members of nobility. The neutral colors of many of our medieval tunics make them easy to wear, while others feature the bold colors of medieval heraldry to help you stand out. Wear our handmade tunics over a pair of medieval pants or hosen and cinched with a belt, and you will have yourself the start of a medieval outfit that you can proudly wear for Renaissance festivals, medieval LARP events, historic reenactments, and even theatrical productions.
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Noble Knights Tunic With Cross

Item # MCI-251
The Noble Knights Tunic With Cross is a great tunic to wear if you're looking for a noble, knightly look, this tunic is simply made from 100% cotton and features a knightly cross on the chest, making it a great tunic, both on or off the battlefield.

Red Crusader Cloak and Tunic

Item # YDM-CL-00043
This item is available in limited quantities. It is available at this discounted price in only the color and sizing described here.
$165.00 $111.00

Simple Medieval Tunic

Item # MCI-530
Remarkably versatile, the Simple Medieval Tunic can be the foundation of quite a variety of historical outfits. Great for Vikings, medieval adventurers, and more, you cannot go wrong with this short sleeve, natural cotton tunic.

Squires Tabard

Item # MCI-253
With its split design, the Squires Tabard has the potential to display a variety of interesting color combinations. Beyond the staggering array of color possibilities, however, the Squires Tabard is actually rather simple in appearance.