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Ritual Robes

Whether you are looking to fashion yourself as a medieval priest, scholar, pagan, or mystic, Your Dressmaker carries high quality ritual robes for any occasion. Get dressed for your next secretive ceremony with our selection of Celtic robes, embellished with intricately handcrafted trim, or fall into a mystic mindset when you wear one of our many medieval hooded robes. Each of our historic robes is completely handmade by expert tailors and can be specially tailored to your individual size. Natural woven cotton and soft faux suede make up many of our various stylish robes, so shop here for peasant worthy robes, Crusader robes, wizard robes, and robes for noblemen. Drawing inspiration from history, our Renaissance robes incorporate a sense of mystery into many of their designs, with billowing sleeves, long skirts, and roomy hoods, and layered mantles to help conceal your identity from prying eyes and evoke a certain mystique. Base your next historic outfit around one of our ritual robes, and wear your look to your next historic reenactment, Renaissance festival, or other historic themed event. Our imaginative ritual robes are ideal for helping you transform into someone else or disguising your true identity, and make fantastic additions to medieval and fantasy LARP outfits as well as costumes for theatrical productions.

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Mens Medieval Ritual Robe/Cloak

Item # MCI-294
This sleek and attractive garment is a stunning combination of a robe and cloak. With features from both, the Medieval Ritual Robe/Cloak is beautiful item that surely marks an individual as having considerable and great personal power.

Mens Pagan Ritual Robe

Item # MCI-315
Secretive and mystical rituals and ceremonies should always be conducted in the proper place, with the proper materials, by the proper people. In the Men's Pagan Ritual Robe, you will look the part, ready to conduct your own rituals.

Wizard Robe

Item # MCI-508
An adventuring wizard ought to dress the part. Wear the Wizard Robe to get the look of a wise mage straight out of your favorite fantasy realm. This long robe is made of an authentic-style woven cotton for a suitably rustic aesthetic.

Wizard Robe and Cloak Set

Item # MCI-515
Prepare for upcoming adventure and quests of epic consequence with the Wizard Robe and Cloak Set. This ensemble gets you what you need for the look of a wise, well-traveled medieval wizard bundled together for your convenience.
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