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Every great outfit starts with a good base. Keep your historic ensemble authentic down to its innermost layer with a womens medieval chemise from Your Dressmaker. These essential undergarments make the perfect base for any historic look. Our chemises are made out of comfortable and breathable fabrics, such as cotton or rayon, so they are ideal for wearing under more elaborate period garments. Choose a full length, wide sleeve chemise to wear under medieval gowns, or combine a shorter blouse chemise with a full historic skirt. Throughout history, women across all classes wore chemises as a preferred underlayer, so we carry a wide variety of historic underdresses and blouses to suit any need, ranging from Norse and Celtic chemises to specialized garments like our Italian Renaissance style chemises. Your Dressmaker offers historic chemises in a broad selection of sleeve and neck styles, from ruffled sleeves and high collars to versatile and adjustable lace up necks, so you are sure to find a chemise that will work as the underlayer of any look, no matter your occasion. Our medieval chemises are must-haves for any historic outfit, so dont go to your next medieval reenactment, LARP event, or Renaissance festival without one! Expertly handmade and designed for comfort, our historic underdresses can be individually tailored to suit your preferred size.
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Medieval Chemise Top

Item # MCI-236
The Medieval Chemise Top is a beautiful medieval-styled chemise. It is made from quality batiste fabric, making it quite comfortable. It is designed to be worn under any womans gown, bodice, or blouse, just like a medieval shift would be.

Noble Ladies Chemise

Item # MCI-143
This Noble Ladies Chemise is a beautiful handmade baroque medieval chemise. The Noble Ladies Chemise has ruffled collar with a button up neckline. The Noble Ladies Chemise is worn under gowns, bodices and skirts, like a medieval slip.

Princess Chemise Gown

Item # MCI-551
Noble ladies, peasants, and even Viking warrior maidens look great in this Princess Chemise Gown. It looks beautiful under a variety of overdresses. Wear it to many different medieval and fantasy-based events, including cosplay.

Renaissance Chemise

Item # MCI-140
This Renaissance Chemise is a beautiful handmade rayon medieval chemise. The Renaissance Chemise has a generous length of drawstring at the neckline with very full and long sleeves.

Ruffled Collar Chemise Top

Item # MCI-238
The Ruffled Collar Chemise Top is a lovely medieval chemise. It is made from light-weight Muslin cotton, making it very comfortable. It is designed to be worn under any womans gown, bodice, or blouse, just like a medieval shift would be.

Sleeveless Chemise Dress

Item # MCI-705
Made of soft and comfortable batiste, the Sleeveless Chemise Dress is perfect for layering or on its own as a lightweight option at the Renaissance faire or reenactment. Ruffles accent the square neckline of this medieval gown.

Victorian Long Sleeve Chemise

Item # MCI-422
With elegant lace at your neck and on the cuffs of your sleeves, the Victorian Long Sleeve Chemise ensures you are well dressed no matter what you wear it with. Wear this stylish staple as the undershirt for various historic looks.

Victorian Style Full Length Chemise

Item # MCI-239
The Victorian Style Full Length Chemise is a lovely chemise that is made from light-weight batiste fabric. This comfortable garment is designed to be worn under any womans gown, bodice, or blouse, just like a medieval shift would be.

Wide Sleeved Norse Chemise

Item # MCI-323
While a chemise is typically considered to be something of an under-garment, the Wide Sleeved Norse Chemise is really more of a versatile, multi-purpose article of clothing that can be used to fill a variety of roles beyond the norm.