At Your Dressmaker, we pride ourselves in both our excellent craftsmanship and use of high quality materials. Whether the clothing is designed with medieval peasantry or Baroque nobility in mind, we strive to create our historic reenactment apparel with the best materials available. Much of our essential medieval peasant garb is made from high quality, 100 percent natural cotton. Luxury fabrics, such as our assortment of velvets, plain and patterned brocade, faux suede material, shimmery taffeta, and satin, are used to create our high end dresses and vests. Authentic looking faux fur decorates the edges of our winter-themed historic clothing. Lightweight muslin cotton and batiste make many of our authentically styled historic chemises and medieval shirts, while sturdy accessories, like our historic belts, bags, and rugged medieval menswear feature real leather. Easily shop by your favorite or most appropriate material with our helpful sorting options here at Your Dressmaker.