To make it easier to find the right historic reenactment look for your character or to wear to your special event, Your Dressmaker has sorted our selection of expertly handmade medieval, Renaissance, and Victorian-inspired clothing by gender and age. Shop our womens section for historic clothing and accessories most likely to be worn by women in ancient eras past, including Baroque ball gowns, stylish historic cloaks and capes with feminine details, essential historic petticoats and chemises, as well as accessories like belts and purses. Our mens section includes pirate shirts, Renaissance breeches, stylish Baroque vests, and mens medieval pants, tabards, tunics, faux leather belt pouches, and more. For young fans of medieval reenactment, check out our boys and girls sections, where we carry the same quality of historic-inspired clothing specially sized for children. Here you will find everything you need to dress your little one as a medieval country maiden, Renaissance princess, Crusading knight, or distinguished Renaissance lordling.