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Your Dressmaker offers reenactment clothing not just from the medieval and Renaissance eras, but from a wide range of historic cultures and themes. From Celtic-inspired ritual robes and Scottish tartan kilts to the elegant Southern Belle dresses seen during the American Civil War, we strive to carry the highest quality of handmade reenactment clothing for whatever historical event you are preparing for. Shop elegant ball gowns with Baroque-inspired details as well as mens historic Roman apparel. We offer pirate shirts and breeches alongside the sophisticated garb of Victorian England and rugged tunics and cloaks inspired by ancient Viking culture and other clothing of the Middle Ages. The recreated clothing of each theme is inspired by authentic historic style and is made with materials of the highest quality to recreate the elements of style from these famous and popular eras and cultures, all expertly crafted by hand with attention to design, detail, and construction.