Womens Petticoats and Historic Reenactment Hoop Skirts

To get the authentic silhouette and full skirted look popular in most period styles, proper underskirts are a must. Your Dressmaker offers a variety of high quality petticoats and hoop skirts to help you wear your favorite historic skirt or Renaissance dress in its intended shape. Popular skirt silhouettes varied throughout history, so we carry a variety of undergarments to help you achieve the most appropriate look. Shop our selection of bum rolls, bustles, cage skirts, and Farthingales for the historic structure, padding, or layers your reenactment outfit needs. Shop everything from modest and essential A-line petticoats to voluminous and layered Civil War hoop skirts and intense Renaissance panniers. Many contemporary skirt and dress styles can also benefit from added volume, so our selection includes easy-to-wear and comfortable petticoats for achieving a classic and romantic look for modern special occasions, such as weddings or balls. At Your Dressmaker, we are able to custom tailor our petticoats and hoop skirts to suit your particular sizes and unique needs, making it easy to get the right look for your next historic reenactment, Renaissance festival, or upcoming special event.
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