Mens Medieval Vests and Mens Baroque Renaissance Vests

The inherent simplicity of a vest has made this clothing piece a staple in wardrobes throughout history, but Your Dressmaker transforms the vest into a statement piece worthy of any nobleman. Each handmade vest features an incredible level of detail and an expert construction. While we carry a range of vests suited for a variety of historic-inspired outfits, our most ornate vests are even great to wear for modern special occasions. Made out of high quality materials like brocade, satin, cotton twill, and silk, these Renaissance vests are sure to make any outfit stand out and can easily be worn over most of our mens medieval shirts. Whether you are looking for a stylish touch to a Renaissance faire ensemble or you seek to bring Renaissance style into the modern day, our historic vests are as magnificent and high quality as they get. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Some short vests end at and accentuate the waist while others fall past the hips. Our medieval vests can also be tailored to best suit your size. Wear them for your special occasions, medieval LARP events, Renaissance reenactments, or even theatrical productions for an unforgettably splendid look.
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