Mens Medieval Doublets and Mens Renaissance Doublets

Handmade by expert tailors, Your Dressmaker offers you high quality medieval doublets for your historic reenactment needs. Throughout the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, doublets varied in style and fit, but this historic staple draws its origins from the protective gambeson. Doublets were fitted jackets worn for shape, protection, warmth, and style. Here you will find practical, everyday doublets essential for achieving an authentic medieval look. The beauty of our craftsmanship shines through in our Renaissance era doublets, made from utterly stunning materials like elegant brocade and handcrafted with incredible attention to detail. These baroque doublets are essential in achieving the aura of a true Renaissance nobleman. Regal details inspired by famous royalty and courtly looks are featured prominently in our historic doublets. Every doublet in our selection is designed with care for a remarkable and authentic appearance and can be custom tailored to your unique size. These fitted jacket style garments were longstanding staples through much of history, so no period look should go without one of our finely crafted pieces. Choose from our wide variety of handmade doublets, ideal for wearing to your next Renaissance festival, historic reenactment, LARP event, or as part of a stage costume.
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