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For the young noble who seeks a gown suitable for the role of medieval princess, or wishes for a cloak that fits the festive atmosphere found at a renaissance fair, Your Dressmaker presents a unique selection of girls historical clothing. We not only offer dresses, shirts, skirts, petticoats, and robes from these eras, our handmade garments cater to other periods such as Victorian, Roman, and Scottish. Our collection includes items geared toward gothic and steampunk genres. Whether your child enjoys the imaginative world of a Neo-Victorian inventor, or prefers a more historic role such as that of Marie Antoinette or Queen Elizabeth I, we have the clothing and accessories she needs to complete her portrayal. If she wishes to celebrate her family heritage by donning highland dress, we offer beautiful tartan dresses. The same handmade items we offer to the adult members of your family can be custom-made to fit your daughter. Each piece of period clothing is handmade by our skilled team of tailors. Your daughter may choose from our fantastic variety of colors, fabrics, and styles. At Your Dressmaker, we are certain she will be pleased with the fine selection of period clothing we have carefully designed.
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