Mens Medieval Clothing and Handmade Historic Clothing

For a vast selection of mens medieval clothing, handmade by talented expert tailors for an authentic and highly detailed appearance, choose Your Dressmaker. Here you will find a range of historic reenactment garments perfect for achieving your ideal period look, and many of our items can be custom made for your best fit. Get all your historic outfit essentials here, such as crusader capes, noblemens cloaks, medieval shirts, Renaissance breeches, and medieval peasant pants, as well as medieval tunics, jackets, doublets, Celtic ritual robes, baroque vests, and even authentically styled Highlander kilts. But our wares here at Your Dressmaker are far more than just the basics. Our medieval clothing items range from outfit staples to stand out pieces sure to set you apart at your next event or add personality to any look. Many of our items are brimming with unique and stylish details in their designs and trim while still adhering to the aesthetics of ages past. So whether you are getting dressed for a LARP event, historic reenactment, costume party, or theatrical production, Your Dressmaker has the medieval garb for your needs. From crusading knights to kings, nobles, peasants, pirates, and even Vikings, any character can find an expertly crafted and stunningly detailed ensemble here. Our medieval clothing items are made out of a wide variety of beautiful, high quality fabrics, ensuring you will be best dressed at your next historic reenactment event.